Plotting Your CCSS Path

red apple core

So … it’s really, truly, time to buckle down and think about the Common Core State Standards and how to integrate them into your teaching and learning program. But what if whenever you open up the standards PDF, the words just seem to swim in front of you? Fear not.

For the Massachusetts School Library Association workshop in September, I tried an experiment — and since it seemed to pay off, I’m re-posting it here.

I took the “exit grades” (grades 2, 5, 8, and 11-12) and created a document that listed each standard, let classroom teachers and librarians mark who the primary instructor for that standard would be, and make notes. This can help you make sense of the standards, one at a time, and then — more importantly — make an action plan.

In Massachusetts, some librarians used this document to create their SMART Goals for the year. Others planned to turn in this document to administrators or Board members to show, in Common Core language, how their work contributes to the CCSS implementation initiative. A few others said they would use this to plan with teachers. How might you?

Here are the documents for the activity above based on the national Common Core State Standards. They do not include the extra standards inserted for Massachusetts schools, but you can find the MA-specific version here.

  • primary (2nd grade) ‘exit’ standards: .docx | .doc | PDF
  • elementary (5th grade) ‘exit’ standards: .docx | .doc | PDF
  • middle school (8th grade) ‘exit’ standards: .docx | .doc | PDF
  • high school (12th grade) ‘exit’ standards: .docx | .doc | PDF

Additional Resources for the Common Core State Standards

Image: “red apple core” by roger.karlsson on Flickr. Used with a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. This is a reworking of an earlier blog post

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