Yup, it’s just as cool as you think it’ll be

Screenshot of MakerWare software with our test prints of robot-kun (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:37563) … currently printing!

Yup, having a 3D printer is just as cool as you think it will be. Here’s a screenshot of what’s printing right now. I totally see why I got the secondhand advice to wait and not make a 3D printer the first item you put in your makerspace. Everything else pales by comparison. Imaginations are whirring, and so is the machine!

We got the MakerBot Replicator 2. Not the cheapest, but it has a robust online community and software that allows you to print multiple items at once, which helps a lot when you have a pop-up makerspace model like we have.

UPDATE: Above you see a screenshot of two Robut-Kun figures (by Hirohiron via Thingiverse; CC-BY) in the MakerWare software. ¬†We were easily able to print two at a time and of different sizes. Below is the finished project. Don’t they look lovely? The theatrical quality of the Replicator 2 (including LED lights that illuminate the print space in various colors according to the stage of printing) is an added bonus for a Theatre & Drama major like me!



Image: “Thingiverse-robot-kun” by Michigan Makers on Flickr.

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